The JPSO is now accepting applicants to it’s 2018 Police Academy. Deadline to Apply is Jan 15, 2018. Apply today!

Police Academy

Police Academy (apply now)

Defending the Law. Protecting our community by upholding the law… Creating peace when the situation is heightened…

Correctional Officers

Correctional Officers (apply now)

Keeping Us Safe. Every day Correctional Officers at the Jefferson Parish…

Volunteer Reserve Officers

Helping to Protect and Serve. JPSO Reserve Officers are making a difference…

EMS Dispatcher

The Frontline for Medical Emergencies. Are you calm under pressure? Can you react quickly during a medical emergency, providing expert advice that can often save lives?

911/ Communications Dispatchersr

The First “First Responders.” Do you have what it takes to be the front line in an emergency situation? Are you ready to stand strong for your neighbors and your community?